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Imagine Square, 714 University Avenue, east of Starry Nights and Edibles, across the street from Craft Company No. 6

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Jane may be reached at 585-473-6190 or through e-mail at


Parking is available on University Avenue and beside the building.

Jane Ellen B is a gallery dedicated to art apparel. Work by local and out-of-town artists includes hand dyed, hand woven, and felted clothing, felted and leather purses, hand made hats, and silver and gold jewelry. Presenting and selling art apparel requires a unique set of skills that is not often found in other galleries. Unlike selling paintings, glass, or ceramic artwork, apparel and accessories require close personal, almost intimate, attention to the customer. The client needs someone who can help with garment fitting, style selection, and building a look. Those needs are best addressed in a gallery with dedicated apparel experience.

The art work in Jane Ellen B is all one-of-a-kind or limited edition pieces. Apparel is different from other artwork because it is incomplete until worn; the person is the final element of the artwork. The goal is for each customer to find her own unique piece; one which brings together the artist, art work, and the customer. And as one customer said, it is so much more fun to get to wear the work of art versus hanging a painting on a wall.

Jane Ellen B artists include:

Mary McMahon of Geneseo - hand woven chenille jackets and scarves
Jane Bartlett of Fairport - hand dyed silk, linen, and cotton jackets and scarves
Eileen DelDuca of Canandaigua - gold and silver jewelry
Caryn Hetherston of Landenberg, PA - gold and silver jewelry
Diane Marksz-Wright of Ft. Lauderdale, FL - silver jewelry
Mary Lil McStravick of Fairport - hand dyed and felted scarves
Sara Burnett of Middlesex, NY - natural dyed scarves, shawls, and felted purses
Linda Moughemer of Syracuse - gold and silver jewelry
Moire Bagale of Pittsford - hand made hats
Christina Laurel of Rochester - Drawings

In addition to these artists, occasional trunk shows throughout the year will present hand made shoes, more artists from out-of-town, and imported garments.

Jane may be reached at 585-473-6190
or through e-mail at

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